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Campaign of the Army of the Reserve in 1800 Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies by the US War Dept. This massive 128 volume work is a collection of official military documents from the American Civil War, from both the Union and Confederate armies. Although the full title is “The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies”, it is known to anyone who’s ever done research in the ACW as simply the OR. The compilation was authorized by act of Congress in 1874, but is completion was the work of many years. Although this collection deals only with the armies, there was a second collection made for the navies, called the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion (known as the ORN). Praise for the OR is superfluous: it is THE essential source for research on the war. PDF (complete) or HTML (partial).
Atlas to Accompany the Official Records Atlas to Accompany the Official Records by the US War Dept. The documents being published as the official records were frequently accompanied by maps and other images that could not be printed as in the OR volumes proper due to their physical size and the need for color printing. To accomodate these materials, an over-size full-color Atlas was also prepared. This Atlas, formally titled the "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies", contained over 1000 maps and other images. Almost all of the maps were drawn up during the war itself by the participants, although some general images are pre-war and some others were drawn up for historical purposes after the war was over. Important Note: Map pages are numbered using Roman Numerals (I, II, III, etc.) PDF (complete).
Atlas to Accompany the Official Records Battle Field of Gettysburg by the US War Dept. The base maps are the product of the U. S. War Dept. from an 1868 survey of the battlefield of Gettysburg. John Bachelder, the foremost Gettysburg historian of the 19th century, added troop positions down to the regiment and battery level based on his own extensive research. (Note: the maps available here are the so-called "daily maps". Bachelder did still more maps at more frequent intervals called the "hourly maps". The hourly maps are not available online at present.) The carefully made 1:12,000 base map is by far the best quality nineteenth century maps for a battlefield I have seen. Surveyed almost immediately after the battle, it includes a remarkable level of detail and is the primary source for all subsequent battlefield maps.
Atlas to Accompany the Official Records Atlas of the Battlefield of Antietam by the US War Dept. This is an atlas of maps prepared by the direction of the Antietam Battlefield Board. Col. E.B. Cope led the survey effort, with troop positions by Gen. E. A. Carman. This is an outstanding map series, and, along with the Official Records, is one of the foundational works for Antietam research. The atlas contains orders of battles for both armies, and fourteen different detailed maps showing the battle as it developed. Veterans of the battle provided the information on unit locations, and reviewed them afterwards. (Researchers should be aware that there was a 1904 edition of this atlas that had errors in the troop positions, owing to problems the veterans were given as reference maps. The 1908 edition corrects these problems.) PDF.