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 Research | Napoleonic Istituto Geografico Militare Italy 1:25,000 Italian


aeseguite parte alla scala di 1:50 000 e parte alla scala di 1:25 000

Library Reference Information

Type of Material: Cartographic Material
Corporate Name: Italy. Istituto Geografico Militare, Florence.
Main Title: Carta d'Italia.
Published/Created: [Firenze], 1880-
Description: ol. maps 55 x 53 cm. or smaller
Relief shown by contours or form lines, and spot heights. Terrain shown pictorally.
LC Classification: G6710 s25.I8
Sheets: 37-II-NO, 37-II-SO, 37-III-NE, 37-III-SE, 47-II-NE, 47-II-SE, 48-I-NE, 48-I-NO, 48-I-SE, 48-I-SO, 48-III-NE, 48-III-NO, 48-III-SE, 48-III-SO, 49-II-NE, 49-II-NO, 49-II-SE, 49-II-SO, 49-III-NE, 49-III-NO, 49-III-SE, 49-III-SO, 50-I-NO, 50-I-SO, 50-IV-NE, 50-IV-SE, 61-I-NE, 62-IV-NE, 62-IV-NO, 63-I-NO, 63-I-SE, 70-I-NE (partial), 70-I-SE (partial), 70-IV-NO (partial), 70-IV-SO (partial)