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Adams County Wall Map Adams County Map by (M. S. & E. Converse) The 1858 Adams County map is a large wall map that shows detailed street maps of each town in the county, including Gettysburg, the names of landowners, and directories to the various businesses in the towns. It was surveyed by G. M. Hopkins and published by M. S. & E. Converse. The map also show roads, streams, and a rough indication of topographic features, although it is not in any sense usable as a physical map.
Cope Horseback Survey Map Cope Gettysburg Horseback Survey Map by E. B. Cope. In 1863, U. S. Army Engineer E. B. Cope did a horseback survey of the battlefield. Although the map is crude from a perspective of both physical geography and the troop positions of the opposing sides, Cope did collect and record the names of the property owners on the battlefield. His record is much more geographically precise than the earlier 1858 Adams County Map, and has the advantage of being much closer to the date of the battle than the later U. S. War Dept. map.
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg Pennsylvania at Gettysburg (map only) by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania This is a 1:15,000 map prepared by the Gettysburg National Park Commission under the direction of E. B. Cope for the two-volume book Pennsylvania at Gettysburg. (The rest of the book is not, at present, available online.) The map is primarily concerned with showing the locations of the various monuments to Pennsylvanians on the battlefield, but it is useful from a research perspective for several reasons. First, E. B. Cope, who prepared the map, also prepared the 1863 horseback survey map, and second, it extends farther south than most large-scale maps, all of which tend to derive their information primarily from the 1:12,000 War Dept. maps.