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Heer Generalstab (Germany)

Germany 1:25,000 Topographische Karte 1:25,000 (Topographic Maps 1:25,000) by the Heer Generalstab (Germany). This is a series of 1:25,000 maps published by the German General Staff prior to World War II. The large scale of these maps makes them suitable for battlefield research, although of course care must be taken when used for battles which occured over a century before they were made. Typically they are best used in combination with period maps, which lack the topographic information and accurate scales of these maps. The online collection includes maps of the battlefields of Bautzen, Dresden, Preussisch-Eylau, Friedland, Jena-Auerstadt, and Lützen. German, English.
Relation of the Battle of Marengo Internationale Weltkarte 1941- International Map of the World 1941- by Heer Generalstab (Germany). Geographer Albrecht Penck (1858-1945) at the Fifth International Geographical Conference in 1891 proposed an international project to make a map of the entire world at the 1:1,000,000 scale using standardized projections and representation of features, divided into 2500 sheets, each representing 4 degrees of latitude and 6 of longitude. The project started just before World War I, was stopped by the war, resumed after the war, stopped again by World War II, and resumed again afterwards. The maps shown on this site were captured from the German collection and are generally dated 1940, although not all sheets are sourced to the same year. German, English.