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Capitaine Gaspar de Cugnac

Campaign of the Army of the Reserve in 1800 Campagne de L’Armée de Réserve en 1800 (Campaign of the Army of the Reserve in 1800) by Capitaine Gaspar de Cugnac This two-volume history of the Campaign of the Army of the Reserve is essentially a collection of primary sources. It consists almost entirely of French correspondence, reports and returns, with a modest amount of narrative text written by Cugnac. The first volume covers events up the passage of the St. Bernard Pass, and the second volume covers events from there up to and including the battle of Marengo. The two volumes total about 1300 pages in length, and is by far the most important work for getting information about the French side of the campaign. Its only important limitation is in its almost exclusive focus on the French side – information about the Austrians must come from other sources. French (Complete), English (Partial – vol. 1, ch. 1 - 9).