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Général Alex. Berthier

Relation of the Battle of Marengo Relation de la Bataille de Marengo (Relation of the Battle of Marengo) by Général Alex. Berthier. This short history of the battle of Marengo was written by the nominal commander of the French Army of the Reserve, Alexandre Berthier as a tribute to the acknowledged actual commander, Napoleon Bonaparte, then First Consul of the French Republic. It has always been one of the most important primary sources on the battle, in spite of its numerous flaws (not least of which is the author's almost total ignorance of what Austrian units were doing what). The work included four maps, which were clearly prepared with much greater care than is typical for period battlefield maps. An interesting point is to compare the course of the Bormida river on these maps with its course in the much later 1:25,000 maps prepared by the Italian Istituto Geografico Militare. French, English.