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Istituto Geografico Militare (Austria-Hungary)

Austria 1:75,000 Karte der osterr.-ungar. Monarche im Masse von 1:75,000 (Map of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the scale of 1:75,000) by the Militargeographisches Institut (Austria-Hungary). This is a series of 1:75,000 maps published by the Austro-Hungarian government starting in the last decades of the 19th century. The maps in the series were repeatedly revised and re-published in the decades that followed. The large scale of these maps makes them suitable for battlefield research, although of course care must be taken when used for battles which occured decades before they were made. Typically they are best used in combination with period maps, which lack the topographic information and accurate scales of these maps. The online collection includes maps of the battlefields of Austerlitz and Aspern-Essling/Wagram. German, English.