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There is a dubious tradition in the wargame publishing industry of publishing little or nothing about the sources on which they are based. Although there have been some happy exceptions to this practice, this un-scholarly silence has been dominant from the industry’s earliest days. For the well-researched games, the silence seems to come from a desire to keep the sources as a sort of trade secret, while for poorly researched games, the silence seems to come from a sense of embarrassment.

Simmons Games wishes to break decisively with this tradition of secrecy. While simply publishing a full bibliography would be a real improvement over the general practice, it would not directly benefit most of the public, because, unfortunately, most of the sources on which wargame research is based are obscure. Fortunately, they are also mostly in the public domain. As a result, we will not only be providing bibliographic information for our games, the sources themselves will be published on the website and made freely available, limited only by the cost and effort of publication.

As additional material is added to this section, it will be noted in the News section of the site.



American Civil War

World War II