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King of Siam: learning to play


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King of Siam comes with an English and German bi-lingual 16-page staple-bound rules book (8 pages for each language). The rules book is also available for download as a PDF file in English, German, French, Spanish, andItalian, which can be printed or read online using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program.

King of Siam is a game for 2, 3, or 4 players (with 4 players, it is played with two teams). The game is based on the struggle for power in the nation of Siam in the late nineteenth century. Players use a limited number of Action Cards to try to gain influence over the contending factions and to maneuver their favored faction to power.

An overview of how to play King of Siam is presented below:

The illustrated summary of the rules to King of Siam

One Province at a Time. The struggle for control over Siam is waged one province at a time according to the order of the province tiles. The contest for control of a province is called a Power Struggle and ends with either one of Siam’s three factions or the British in control of the province.

Province Order

Power Struggles. In each power struggle, the players take turns playing Action Cards to influence that struggle. When a player plays a card, he also chooses and takes a follower from any province. Ownership of followers of the game’s winning faction determines the game’s winning player.

Power Struggle

Action Cards allow a player to move followers between provinces or into provinces from the common pool. Each player also has a special card that allows him to swap the order of two of the province tiles (he then places a King marker on one of the tiles so that it cannot be swapped again).

Action Cards

Ending a Power Struggle. A power struggle ends when all players have passed in a row. The faction with the most followers in the province gains control of it. In case of a tie, the province comes under British control. All followers are removed from the province and a control marker is placed on it.

Win a Power Struggle

The game ends when the power struggles for all provinces have been completed, with the winning faction being the one controlling the most provinces. The game is ended early if at any point the British have gained control over four provinces; in that case no faction wins.

Winning Faction

The winning player is the player with the most followers of the winning faction. If the British gained control and there is no winning faction then the winning player is the one with the most complete sets of followers (a complete set is has one color of each faction).

Winning Player

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