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The Box King of Siam comes in a bookcase-style 9" x 9" x 2" box. Andreas Töpfer did the cover art as well as additional art for the game board and components, with layout work performed by Richard Stubenvoll. All box and game text is bi-lingual (English and German). The back of the game provides a brief summary of the game’s subject matter, and illustrates and describes the basics of game play. The game design is by Peer Sylvester. The publisher of King of Siam is Histogame, which has a partnership with Simmons Games, through which both companies stock and sell each other’s games.
On opening the box, the rules for King of Siam are revealed. The rule booklet is 16 pages long, bound with staples, and printed in black and white on 8.25" x 6" (A5 size) paper. This includes both the English and the German rules (7 pages of rules per language) plus the Designer’s Notes for the game. More information about the rules and how King of Siam is played is available here. The rules themselves are available for download in PDF format in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, with additional languages to be released later. The Rules
The Board Once the rules have been lifted out of the box, the game board is visible. King of Siam comes with a four-panel, 16" x 16" hard-mounted game board. The board is manufactured in the European style (no folds break the smooth playing surface, as is the case with almost all American-manufactured boards). The game board shows a map of Siam. The design uses an area system based on a simplified version of the country’s historical provinces. Siam's graphic design is clean and very attractive. For a detailed view and explanation of the game board, click here.
Beneath the board are the die-cut cardboard province tiles and control markers, wooden follower pieces, and a deck of action cards. The province tiles are used to determine the order in which the provinces are contested, control markers to indicate which faction has gained control over which provinces, follower pieces to indicate the strength of the factions in the different provinces, and action cards to allow the players to influence the contending factions struggle for power. For more information on setting up the game, click here. The Markers The Pieces

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