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Friedrich (2nd edition)

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“It was not the Prussian army that defended Prussia against the three greatest powers of Europe, but Frederick the Great.”

– Napoleon

In 1756, Frederick was faced with the most daunting challenge imaginable: France, Austria, and Russia had formed an alliance to wipe his kingdom off the map of Europe. Together, their armies outnumbered his by 4:1 and in population and wealth they overmatched Prussia by over 10:1.

For the next seven years Frederick led Prussia to victory after victory, yet still the situation grew more and more desperate. Finally, when it seemed Frederick was at last beaten, fate intervened with the death of the Russian Czarina, and with her death came the collapse of the alliance against Frederick, saving Prussia from annihilation.

In partnership with its publisher, Histogame, Simmons Games is delighted to be able to present Histogame’s Friedrich, a truly great game based on that dramatic contest. A game for three or four players, it combines the best elements of both card and board games. It is that rarest of games that can be enjoyed by both casual gamers and veteran wargamers at the same time.

Friedrich is now in its second edition, which includes minor upgrades to almost all of the physical components, although game play itself is not changed. Details of the upgrades are available from Histogame here.

Rules available for download in:

English English German German French French Dutch Dutch Italian Italian Polish Polish

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