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Friedrich: setting up the game

Step 1: Cut up the army sheets

Army Sheet

The army sheets contain the set-up instructions for each of the four players in the game. To start a game, one of the sheets should be cut into four pieces, and each player is given the piece for his countries. Additional army sheets can be photo-copied from those supplied with the game, or downloaded here and printed.

Step 2: Set up the generals and supply trains


The game comes with 24 general pieces (cylinders) and 11 supply trains (blocks). The pieces are colored according to the country to which they belong. The generals are individually identified by stickers containing the general’s name and rank. The starting locations of the pieces are printed on the army sheets and on the game board

Step 3: Assign armies to the generals


All players secretly assign armies to their general pieces by writing a number next to the general’s name on their army sheet. The total number of armies available for a country is indicated on the army sheet for that country. The number of armies assigned to a general can change during the game and any change is written on the same sheet.

Step 4: Distribute conquest markers

Conquest Markers

The game comes with 112 die-cut conquest markers. These are small markers that the players punch out before the first game. When a country’s general conquers one of its objective cities, a conquest marker is put on the city as a record of that event (should the city be subsequently re-conquered by the enemy, the marker is removed).

Step 5: Shuffle the Tactical Cards

Tactical Cards

There are four decks of tactical cards that come with the game. Each card has a value from 2 to 13. Each country draws tactical cards at the start of their turn (different countries draw different numbers of cards). Tactical cards are used to add to the strengths of armies in battles between opposing generals. As a touch of artistry, the face cards are decorated with portraits of personages from the era.

Step 6: Shuffle the Cards of Fate

Cards of Fate

In addition to the decks of tactical cards, there is an additional deck: the Cards of Fate. Starting with the sixth turn of the game, one card is drawn from this deck per turn. The cards are based on actual historical events, and each has an effect on the game: some are minor, while others are major. Both German and English language versions of the cards are provided with the game.

Step 7: There is no step 7; You are now ready to learn to play!

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