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Friedrich FAQ The Friedrich FAQ is available as a PDF download in English and German. The FAQ includes errata for the 1st edition, and answers numerous questions regarding the rules. Sample questions include: How is one game turn executed exactly? What is the sense of RESERVE’s value being variable; in what situations is it good to choose different value than 10? Is Prussia allowed to re-conquer objecitves, which are currently controlled by France AND which are situated in Hanover? The rules say that you are not allowed to conquer objective cities on a retreat; are you, however, allowed to retreat through them? Do you use depot cities like supply train for supply purposes? If Card of Fate calls for the removal of general from the game, is he really out of the game?

2-Player Scenarios

2-Player Scenarios 2-Player Scenarios are available as a PDF download in English, French and German. Although Friedrich only shines in its full glory when played with three or four players, 2-player scenarios have been devised both as introductory scenarios for players new to the game, as well as to provide a way to enjoy Friedrich when there are only two players present. The first of these scenarios is "The War in the West" which depicts the French campaign agains the Hanoverians and the Prussians. The second scenario is "The Austrian Theatre", which depicts the Austrian and Imperial campaign against Prussian in Silesia and Saxony.


Histogame Histogame is the publisher of Friedrich. The company has a multi-lingual website (German and English, with downloads available for French, Dutch, and Italian) that contains additional information about the game, downloads, order information, company news, links, and contact information for support. Histogame was founded in 2004, and launched Friedrich as its first game in October of that year. As part of Histogame’s partnership with Simmons Games, Histogame will also be offering Bonaparte at Marengo for sale and will represent Simmons Games at games events in Europe (Simmons Games will similarly be representing Histogame in the US).


ConSimWorld ConSimWorld (commonly abbreviated CSW) is a website that provides news and community services related to conflict simulation games. Users can read the news articles and messages on the forums without registering, but must register to be able to post messages (registration is free, but premium membership is also available). You can go to the home page for CSW by clicking here. To go to the home page for the CSW forums (with instructions on their use) click here. There is a topic in the forum section of the website dedicated to Friedrich. There is plenty of interesting content that has been posted there regarding the game rules and strategy. If you register, you can also ask questions there yourself; the forum is monitored by Histogame and questions directed at the company will be answered. To go to the forum, click here.


BoardGameGeek BoardGameGeek (commonly abbreviated BGG) is a website built on top of a large database of boardgames of all kinds. It is searchable by a wide variety of different criteria and is a fine site for locating games of interest. Every game in the database gets its own page, where users of the site can post pictures, reviews, session reports, ratings, general comments, and create lists of games based on whatever rules take their fancy. Users can browse anonymously, but but must register in order to add content (registration is free, with premium membership available). The home page for BGG is here. Friedrich has its own page on the site here. The ratings for Friedrich are particularly of interest – over half of the user ratings for Friedrich have been a 9 or a 10 on a 10 point scale!

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