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2 May, 2005

 Products Napoleon’s Triumph Design Diary Dear Diary

Napoleon’s Triumph Design Diary: Dear Diary

The Design Diary is intended to keep customers abreast of the current status of Napoleon’s Triumph, which will be the second game from Simmons Games. The plan is to update the diary once a week or so with status reports about current development as well as information about past design work. As such it will not be strictly chronological. Future articles can be expected to cover topics such as the research effort, the game board, pieces, rules, artwork, rules, playtesting and other aspects of the development of the game. Initially, the design diary will be the only content about the game on the website, but as design proceeds, additional pages will be added, following the same basic structure as the pages for Bonaparte at Marengo. Once the game has shipped, the design diary will no longer be directly accessible from the game’s main page (since at that point the information in it will be historical in nature), but will remain available from the design section of the web site, for those interested in the history of the game itself, as distinct from the history of the battle.

The current status of Napoleon’s Triumph is as follows: an initial mapboard has been completed and printed, although it has no play aides as yet. An initial order of battle has also been completed and pieces have been re-purposed from Bonaparte at Marengo in order to allow playtesting. The box top has been completed. The rules are currently in a state of flux – most of them will come from Bonaparte at Marengo, but a number of changes will be made. There are currently more candidate rules changes than will likely go into the final version of Napoleon’s Triumph: some of them are alternate means of solving the same problem, others may prove to add more complexity than their benefits to the game justify, either as entertainment or as a simulation. Once the design has reached a more settled point, then an initial draft of the rules will be written up. Limited playtesting has begun, but it is much more an exercise of game system ideas right now than of the game as a whole (small situations are set up to exercise a particular set of rules, and then a few turns are played).

Questions about the game are welcome, but firm answers are likely to be in short supply and long answers are likely to be in even shorter supply. Common questions that can be answered briefly will be taken care of in a FAQ that will be added. Questions that require longer answers will generally be taken up by the diary itself as part of its natural progression, which unfortunately for the curious will tend to reflect more the progress of the design than the intensity of interest.

This entry, the first in the diary, of course will do little to satisfy anyone’s curiosity about anything. It is, however, a start and marks the beginning of the public existence of Napoleon’s Triumph.