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Napoleon’s Triumph: getting out the pieces


Napoleon’s Triumph comes with 140 wooden blocks to represent cavalry, infantry, and artillery units, 18 metal flags to represent the senior commanders and their staffs, and a dozen wooden markers for bookkeeping purposes.

The wooden blocks are painted either blue or red, to indicate whether the units are French or Allied. Symbols on the pieces indicate their type and strength.

The metal command flags are identified by nationality and name (stickers are provided for marking up the command pieces).

The use of three-dimensional wooden blocks allows for convenient simulation of “the fog of war”, as pieces have their type and strength printed on only one side — this allows each player to see the type and strength of his own pieces by facing them towards himself, while leaving the blank sides facing his opponent.

Types of Pieces

Allied pieces French pieces
1-strength artillery Allied Artillery 1 French Artillery 1 1-strength artillery
guard infantry Allied Guard French Guard guard infantry
3-strength infantry Allied Infantry 3 French Infantry 3 3-strength infantry
2-strength infantry Allied Infantry 2 French Infantry 2 2-strength infantry
1-strength infantry Allied Infantry 1 French Infantry 1 1-strength infantry
3-strength cavalry Allied Cavalry 3 French Cavalry 3 3-strength cavalry
2-strength cavalry Allied Cavalry 2 French Cavalry 2 2-strength cavalry
1-strength cavalry Allied Cavalry 1 French Cavalry 1 1-strength cavalry
Russian command piece
Dokhtorov Legrand French command piece
Austrian command piece
Kollowrath Markers game markers

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