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 News November, 2011

Designer’s Blog: November, 2011

20 November, 2011

This blog is of course supposed to be about game design. However, I think that I should discuss personal affairs some, much as I dislike doing so, because it has been so long without news. Since the beginning of summer, I began to come down with adhesive capsulitus of my shoulder, and over time have been losing mobility in my right shoulder, accompanied by some pain. In addition, my efforts to work with the printer for The Guns of Gettysburg broke down, which was very discouraging, but given my shoulder issues may have been for the best. The problem with a one-man operation is that it is a one-man operation, and my shoulder issues has made it difficult to get games ready to ship. Not impossible: the relatively small number of orders I get these days (games generally sell most strongly when new, and then decline with age) has remained manageable, but I would not have been physically able to handle the shipping volume of a new game.

I have considered whether to close down Simmons Games as a publisher and just continue as a designer instead, and that is still possible. However, I like publishing and am reluctant to give it up. I am currently working on regaining more use of my arm and increasing my pain-free range of motion. The doctor thinks that I should be able to greatly improve over the next six months or so. Given, this, I'm more or less in a holding pattern, which I know is not good news for those of you who have been waiting so long for The Guns of Gettysburg, and for that I'm sorry.

I do have some good news: the second edition of Bonaparte at Marengo has completed playtesting, and so I find myself in the strange position (given my extremely low design speed) of having two games ready to go.

As a last note, I wouldn't want anyone to feel too concerned. My shoulder mobility is reduced, but not eliminated, and I generally get by ok. It is just that I haven't been up to the task of packing and shipping large numbers of games. But I have every reason to believe I will get full use of it back; it is just going to take time and work.