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 News May, 2011

Designer’s Blog: May, 2011

14 May, 2011

It has been a while since my last blog entry. I have been much busied by a non-game project over the last couple of months, but game work has not totally stopped. I thought I would run down the status of the various projects.

The Guns of Gettysburg: I’m still working with printers to get production underway. This has been mostly out of my hands as I wait for responses on this or that question. I am hopeful that this will all shake out satisfactorily and that production can begin. (And sometime thereafter, once I am certain of a date, that I can begin accepting pre-orders.)

Bonaparte at Marengo, 2nd edition. Playtesting has been continuing on this. The current version is V18. V18 is looking good at this point and may well be the final version that will go into production. The main difference between V18 and V17, the last version discussed, is that the French morale boosts for each group of reinforcements are distributed over several hours, rather than being concentrated in the hour of reinforcement arrival. In V17, the French received +2 morale at 11AM, +4 at 4PM, and +1 at 5PM. In V18, they receive +1 at 11AM, 12PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, and 8PM. The intended effect of these changes is to add more drama to the endgame. A side effect is that they tilt balance somewhat towards the Austrians, and indeed the Austrians have won most of the V18 games.

2nd edition balance could be adjusted by removing the most easily reached objective, but so far the playtesters have been opposed to the change, and think that better French play could suffice. We'll see. In any case I think that V18 is very nice, better than V12, which had been the best version of the 2nd edition prior to V18. (Sometimes you have to take backward steps to go forward, and so it has been with versions 13 through 17.)

Stavka has been the game most affected by my non-game work and little has been done over the last two months. Still, it is also behind the other two in the release schedule anyway, so it can afford a quiet development interval.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully the wait between entries won’t be so long.